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Professional Internship

Please make sure to discuss this option with your faculty advisor before making arrangements with potential supervisors and enrolling in these courses. 

ENS 697 and ENS 698 Internship in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Students pursuing the Internship option in the MA in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies are required to complete six credit hours of internships (ENS 697 and ENS 698) in order to graduate and must work 40 hours for each credit hour earned (120 hours for each 3-hour class, 240 hours total). While students are ultimately responsible for finding and completing their internships, students do receive ample support and assistance from program faculty throughout the process. The activities to be carried out during internships must be mutually agreed upon by the student, their faculty supervisor, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the host organization supervisor. Internships can be completed during spring and fall semesters or the summer after students have completed their regular course work.

You will need to fill out a learning contract that details the following information. It needs to be signed by your internship/host organization supervisor and approved by your faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies: 
Scope of the work: 

1) The primary responsibilities of the position

2) Learning goals and/or expected learning outcomes of the experience

3) Means of evaluating student progress and learning. Please include work hours/schedule, student/supervisor meeting dates, deadlines and expected final products, as necessary.