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Core Curriculum

Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours)

Students take a total of 12 credit-hours of graduate coursework. This consists of 9 credit-hours in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and a methods/skills elective

Core Courses (9 credit hours)

ENS 601: Environmental and Sustainability Studies: Issues and Ideas (3 credits)

ENS 602: Environment and Sustainability Policy and Governance (3 credits)

ENS 603: Communicating Environmental and Sustainability Studies (3 credits)

Skills Courses (3 credit hours)

Students must choose one of the skills courses listed below.

LA/NRE 556 Contemporary Geospatial Applications for Land and Analysis (3 credits)

MAP 671 Introduction to New Mapping (3 credits)

STA 570 Basic Statistical Analysis (3 credits)

STA 674 Regression Analysis and Design of Experiments (3 credits)

STA 677 Applied Multivariate Methods (3 credits)