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Master of Arts in Applied Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Master's Degree Graduate Students, 2021-Present



Final Project title

2023 Shelby Anne Johnson Environmental Life Cycle Assessments on Medical Waste
2023 Justus McGill Evaluation of Indiana Stream Mitigation After Road Construction Projects Using Ohio EPA Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index Field Forms
2023 Bailey A Vernon A Case of Stewardship: The Biblical Appeal Against CAFOs
2022 Laura N Butler Inaccessible Solutions: Why we need Everyone in the fight against climate change
2022 Madeline Faith Cook Restoring Indigenous Knowledge and the Earth: The Cultural and Environmental Significance of Sweetgrass in the Southeastern US
2022 Kendall Miranda Hough No title available
2022 Carlie Martindale No title available
2021 Shelby Elizabeth Browning No title available
2021 Olivia Caitlyn Hill No title available

Graduate Certificate in Applied Environmental & Sustainability Studies, 2022-Present

Jamie Taylor Brown (2023)
Ashlee Nicole Edmonson (2023)
Kelly O'Mahony (2023)
Lauren Bowes Hedge (2022)
Connor Langley (2022)
Michael William Moore (2022)