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Visiting Assistant Professor
Water Resources, Political Ecology, environmental and sustainability studies, Environmental Humanities, Spatial representations in literary texts, South Asian studies
861 Patterson Office Tower
Environmental Scientist
Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies (AENS)
Chemical Engineer
Sustainable Development, Commodity Chains and Networks, East Africa, Energy & Society, Energy Conversion, plastic waste
HDI Coldstream Office
(859) 218-5959
MA Applied ENS
No photograph available for krda236
Applied Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Stormwater Bioremediation, Desalination, Disease Ecology, green infrastructure, Extreme Weather Events
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
Professor of Geography
VP/President-Elect, American Association of Geographers (AAG)
immigration, geopolitics , borders , refugees , urban geography, transnationalism, feminist geographies, political geography, United States, Europe
863 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6952
Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Director, Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Political Ecology, plastic waste, Sustainability and Environmental Change, gender, Environmental conservation, climate change
849 Patterson Office Tower
Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Food & Environment, food and agriculture, food waste, corporate sustainability
Graduate Student
1106 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for sajo236
No photograph available for sjki233
Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
No photograph available for cma328
Peterson Service Bldg.
GIS Program Coordinator
GIS, health geography, Cartography, Geocoding Precision, Exposure Assessments, Spatial epidemiology
5 Miller Hall
(859) 323-0618
No photograph available for mlo251
Environmental conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Sustainability and Environmental Change, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Sciences
Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Wildlife Conservation, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Democracy and Environmental Governance
Waste Recycling and Trucking Manager at UK
Peterson Service Building, Room 18B
(859) 576-7510
4-H Agent
Elliott County Extension Office
Assistant Professor
health-environment geography, Political Ecology, agrarian livelihoods, feminist geographies, South Asian studies
855 Patterson Office Tower
Environmental Justice, Ecotheology, Ecotourism
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