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Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Director, Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Political Ecology, political economy, Commodity Chains and Networks, Food & Environment, East Africa, tropical ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Change, livelihoods, gender, Environmental conservation, development
849 Patterson Office Tower
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies (AENS), Chemical Engineer
Sustainable Development, Commodity Chains and Networks, East Africa, Energy & Society, Energy Conversion, plastic waste
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HDI Coldstream Office
(859) 218-5959
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MA Applied ENS
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Applied Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Stormwater Bioremediation, Desalination, Disease Ecology, green infrastructure, Extreme Weather Events
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Professor of Geography, College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
immigration, transnationalism, Refugees, Europe, United States, Urban, Geopolitics, feminist geographies, Political Geography
863 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6952
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Critical Animal Studies, Multispecies Ethnography, Feminist theory and methods, Environmental Studies, Animal geographies, political economy, food and agriculture
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Food & Environment, food and agriculture, food waste, corporate sustainability
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Graduate Student
1106 Patterson Office Tower
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Environmental & Sustainability Studies
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
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Peterson Service Bldg.
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Environmental conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Sustainability and Environmental Change, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Sciences
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Waste Recycling and Trucking Manager at UK
Peterson Service Building, Room 18B