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Chair's Welcome

It's an exciting and critically important time for our environment and for those who intend to make a living by helping to shape our global and local environmental futures.

Our graduate programs will teach you the skills to analyze complex environmental and sustainability issues from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The core curriculum provides a broad overview of important themes, issues, and ideas in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. You will benefit from a carefully designed online learning experience developed by internationally renowned faculty in a top-ranked geography department and the College of Arts & Sciences. Our courses emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address the world’s environmental challenges. We focus, in particular, on teaching you how to effectively communicate real world environmental and sustainability issues and solutions through scientific and non-scientific writing. These are the tools to build a successful career saving the planet!

Our courses are designed to accommodate different learning styles and different work schedules. We try to are able to do so by offering flexible assignments and a variety of materials. In addition to more traditional readings, you may find yourself listening to podcasts, observing lectures, or watching documentaries online. Students in our courses also collaborate on projects via a number of different platforms.

Our online graduate certificate in Applied Environmental & Sustainability Studies is designed with all levels of experience in mind. The online MA will allow you to further hone your knowledge and skills to master research and or practical applications in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies. We're excited to offer you a cutting-edge online curriculum. We hope you'll choose to join us and become a leader in analyzing complex environmental and sustainability issues and addressing today's complex social and environmental challenges.

Matt Wilson

Professor and Chair of Geography