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Mike Moore (he/him)

I am about to enter my third full term as a graduate student working towards an
               M.S. in Research Methods towards Program Evaluation
along with Graduate Certificates
                     in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
                     and Applied Statistics.

I am seeking to facilitate local solutions to climate mitigation and adaptation using community-led approaches. I envision solutions led by the most-impacted and by new and younger groups of people as both right and just and as critical avenues of action to meet the pace of change.
We also need to restore a reliance on science-based decision making, and connecting to science through participatory methods could be a part of this.

I hope to engage with community-led groups as an evaluator and research advisor - guiding small programs to their highest potential or illuminating the outcomes of mature programs.

In the past I have worked as a corporate software mercenary, a massage therapist, and an educator abroad in China for several years.
Now I am taking this opportunity to focus on learning, on getting involved in relevant real-world projects, and contributing to local social activism.

We're at a critical moment for our people, our nation, and our planet.
~ ~ ~ Ready to get involved? Ask me how!